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Castle Game Engine: an open-source game engine for modern Object Pascal (FPC and Delphi), with visual editor, with support for a lot of 3D/2D formats (glTF, X3D, Spine...), portable (Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch...), with a lot of graphic effects.

Also includes various utilities (like view3dscene, a versatile 3D/2D model viewer) and many free games.

Together with Paweł Wojciechowicz, we manage indie game studio Cat-astrophe Games. We're making some cool games! We made Escape from the Universe, a space shooter with a cool modern/retro-style and a procedurally-generated storyline (for Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch) and The Unholy Society, a funny adventure game with exorcisms (for Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch).

I'm the current lead developer of PasDoc, open source Pascal documentation generator.

I wrote the Modern Object Pascal Introduction for Programmers. It's a short book introducing the concepts of modern Object Pascal to the programmers familiar with other modern languages (like C#, Java, C++). The book is also available in the PDF format. The source of the book (in Asciidoctor) is openly avaialable on GitHub.

Other projects. All of them are provided with source code, and are free-software/open-source (GNU GPL >= 2).

I wrote some notes about various 3D Computer Graphics algorithms. These are a mixed bag of notes, findings, and links to other useful resources. Many of them ended being implemented in some way in my Castle Game Engine, so you can look there for open-source implementation of some of these techniques.

I'm the administrator of Moodle server for Institute of Computer Science at the University of Wrocław. See server news and status page.

I'm also the administrator of Wrocławski Portal Informatyczny. The portal is unfortunately not extended anymore.

I'm a fan of GearHead, a Roguelike Mecha RPG game by Joseph Hewitt. The page GearHead for Unix has some information about compiling it for Linux and Mac OS X.

I really don't like software patents. They prevent inventing stuff (you cannot invent something that someone else patented, no matter how smart you are), instead of protecting them (simple copyright works for protection in software).

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